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Desktop Lunar Calendar 1.6 is a simple lunar calendar program
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Desktop Lunar Calendar 1.6 is a simple lunar calendar program. It can be used without problems in any part of the world. You can change the hemisphere from northern to southern in the popup menu. The calendar contains two parts, the first one is the calendar and the second one is the picture of the moon. You can change the size of the moon easily from small to a biger size. Just click over the lunar calendar or moon’s image and select “Moon Size” in the pop up menu and select any size of moon’s image you want.
The picture of the moon shows you the phase the moon has on the sky in the current moment. You can also change the color of the calendar. You will have a lot of fun using this program. The numbers which are shown in bold on the calendar represent four phases of the moon: the new moon, full moon, first quarter and the last quarter of the moon. You can move your moon and calendar anywhere you want it on your desktop, just click on it, hold your mouse button and move it. After that you can lock moving, so that you won’t be able to move it anymore. For this you have to select the option “Lock moving”; and for unlocking use the option “Unlock moving” in it’s popup menu. This calendar is very useful for astrologists and for users who need to know what moon phase is currently on the sky.
Just download this calendar and enjoy it.

Anastasia Spiridonova
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  • Compact,
  • Easy-to-use,
  • Shows the moonphases in pictures


  • Not really accurate
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